Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of....FIRE!

So there are sooo many fun things that we have done over the summer that I really need to blog about! They are back logged in my brain fighting to get out. But..... well with a fire raging out my front window I just couldn't put this one in order. So here it is.... FIRE! It all started far, far away in another town and was just interesting to watch the fire choppers since they were picking up at a reservoir by our house. But now with 5 days having passed and heading on into the 6th. day the fire is right out our front window! Still interesting to watch.....but now with a little trepidation as the homes two blocks above us are evacuated! And we are sooooo sick of the smoke! It feels like we will never breath fresh air again! Ugh! It has also postponed the kids starting school and so they are all stuck in the house going stir crazy! Ha ha.....what memories are made of...... Hopefully my next post will be all light and airy and full of fun stuff. Until then.... In closing I should mention that while these pictures look a little menacing we are quite safe....the firefighters could use your prayers though! They are working so hard!

Also here are the links to my Youtube site to see our fire videos.







Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lassen 2009

Ok, so I'm really late in writing this I know .... but.... well I was trying to sum up my feelings. What an amazing time.... again!!! It was just what I was needing the meetings, the fellowship, just to get away from the rat race called life. Not that I have a bad life mind you I am not complaining it is just so awesome to go away and be surrounded by those of like faith and just immerse yourself in it for a whole week!

Aubrie was in the cabins this year and well....it was weird. Nice and weird all at the same time. She loved it! But it was just .... well ....I guess it sorta felt like the first little steps away.... Our cabin while having more room (Hannah was stoked to get a bed and not have to sleep on the floor) just felt a little empty sometimes. Sigh..... On another note .... unlike her mother at Lassen many moons ago.... she signed up to play all the sports! And had a wonderful time!

Emma had a fabulous time at camp with her friends. She and Melissa and Ellie have long been Lassen pals and this year they were joined by sweet Emily. It is so nice to see them having such a great time friends that they will spend eternity with!

Hannah.... oh ... Hannah my little shadow. She just didn't seem want to branch out this year. I tried quite a few times to give her a little push but she seemed to just want to be with mommy. I finally stopped pushing and realized that she was just in need of some mommy time! And we did have a great time together! She did leave me each day to go and enjoy the wonderful crafts put on by Jackie. I guess that crafts are the one thing that trumps mom. If you are reading this ... Thank you Jackie for another fabulouso year of Lassen crafts! You can never have too many fleece blankets!

And Brock....he loved finally being old enough to participate in the lil' kid games! After dodge ball in the mornings I could talk him into a nap during the afternoon meetings just so that he could go play capture the flag! Another HUGE shout out here to Rob! You rock heading up all those games with the kids! They love it!

It was kind of hard to leave Lassen this year knowing that the word on the street was that this would be the last one. But if indeed it was the last year it was a wonderful year to end on. Aubrie will kill me if she reads this but.... I think what she said fits what we were all feeling. After we got home and everyone else was asleep she came out of her room a bit teary. She curled up with me on the couch and we hugged and she cried a bit. When I asked her what was wrong she had a hard time explaining it..... she said I feel like something inside of me has changed and will never be the same again. She said that she felt so wrapped in love up there and so close to the Lord that she almost wished that she hadn't experienced it so that she couldn't miss it like she did. Wow! Can you imagine what it will be like to be Home!?!
If you want to see the rest of the pictures I posted from Lassen click on the link below.